Anime Convention

I’m headed now for the first time ever to Youmacon, the Detroit anime convention held every year. The intention of this thing is to do a liveblog, but my phone runs out of juice pretty quick these days, so I may just give up at any moment and come back tonight to finish it instead. Still, let’s give this a shot, eh?

2:21 pm

I’m about to head out with my friend (I’ll think of a pseudonym later) to the con. I’m in costume, of course, this time as John Constantine.


Already kind of shaky thinking about the crowds, to be honest, but hopefully this’ll be good.


Me and Ann – Ann is a good pseudonym – have arrived at the creepy underground parking lot. Woo!


I have arrived! In the dealer’s room now. A random person has already bellowed “JOHN CONSTANTINE” from across the room. Calling that a success. More later.


Watching Linkara do atop the fourth wall live. This is fun!


Well, I really, really thought this was going to be a much more interesting liveblog. It uh… it was not. This is in fact the most boring liveblog that’s ever been liveblogged. I’m really happy that I posted a legit blog today as well, because if this had been all? Like. Wow.

I saw some cool costumes, I saw a guy who makes fun of comics on the internet make fun of comics in the room with me, I met up with a couple friends here and there. It was all pretty nice. One other thing of note that happened, I DID cram into the Detroit people-mover with a whole bunch of people. It was a tad claustrophobic. Yeah, all in all, just a pretty pleasant day with a couple friends. Tadaaaaa! God this was lame.


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