Spontaneous DIA/Coheed and Cambria Adventure Liveblog

Okay! I wasn’t planning on doing a liveblog of this, but given the events of the day do far, I figured it was well worth stopping off to do a sort of half-assed liveblog of my day. Lillian, Louis, Fernando and I have come to Detroit to go to the Detroit Institute of Arts for the afternoon, followed by the Coheed and Cambria show at the Fillmore. The original plan was to talk about it tomorrow, but hooboy this day.

First of all, we came down early because Louis has a job interview in the city, so we figured that rather than taking multiple cars, we would go with him and spend the day at the DIA. Great idea, right?

However, Louis didn’t drop us off at the DIA. We wound up walking around two miles through Detroit to get to there, which would have been fine if we had been prepared.

A quick overview of the events that have transpired so far:

– We saw a guy who may or may not have been The Doctor.
– We saw Albert Einstein.
– Eventually, we got here. It’s very pleasant. However:
– Lillian somehow got locked in the bathroom.

I’ll post more about how I feel about the trip later. For now, I’ll just leave it at this: I’ll update when I can, and when interesting things happen. No promises that it’ll be lengthy, interesting, or comprehensive, especially once the concert starts, but hey, let’s give it a go!


Oh I almost forgot! Totally walked past part of a set for Batman v Superman! Didn’t see anything interesting, though.


I absolutely adore that as a species we have collectively decided – in multiple cultures at multiple times all throughout history – to make places where we can go just look at nice things. It’s just really freaking cool.


The DIA was incredibly lovely, as always. I must remember to come to it more often. Now, in a coffee shop to wait for Louis.


Had a great dinner. Oh hey look at that:



Now finally in line to get in to Coheed and Cambria. Exciting!


Holy freaking crap, the opening band was AWESOME. Check out Thank You Scientist. SERIOUSLY DO IT.


Well, Coheed and Cambria were as good as ever. They did like four encores, and by the last, all my bad mood and nerves had melted away. I’ll talk more of the concert later. My phone is out of juice, so let me leave you for now with this:IMG_0458.JPG


Well, I just got home. I have blisters, I’m still tense, and I feel very gross. It was worth it all. When we got to the actual concert, I had to stand in a lot of lines, and in a lot of crowds. My reaction to them just goes to show how much difference there can be between two times of the same activity. I just saw the same band last year at the same venue, and it was a far more pleasant experience for me throughout. Today I was on edge basically from moment one, and the events of the day didn’t really help with that. I still don’t really feel safe or okay. However, I’m completely certain that I would feel that way even if I’d stayed home. It’s just one of those days. If anything, I think I can genuinely say that I might be worse if I hadn’t gone.

Basically, today was frustrating and difficult, but I made it through with the help of my friends, and it was an unforgettable experience at the end of it all. Go see Coheed and Cambria. Check out Thank You Scientist. I think this about wraps it up. Goodnight, folks.


Lions and Tigers and Bears, God No

This week I’m going to try something a little bit different. I’ve been convinced by Lillian to accompany her to the zoo today. I haven’t been to a zoo in years. Since the day Michael Jackson died, as an odd little side note. SInce this idea seems like it’s just full of uncomfortable situations and wackiness, I think that I’d like to try liveblogging something for the first time, posting updates when appropriate! Let’s give this a shot, shall we?

8:48 am

I’ve already hit something of a snag. I find myself incapable of wearing shorts with anything but sandals. Sandals are, of course, a terrible kind of shoe to wear all day and walk miles in. My choices are either to wear sandals anyway and inevitably come home with blisters, or to wear jeans and risk overheating. I suppose I could always force myself to wear regular shoes with shorts, but I feel like I’d be put on edge right from the start of the day. Hm. I’m likely to go with the sandals. More later!

10:02 am

McDonalds for breakfast at my insistence, because I am five.


Traffic heading into the zoo is horrific. This place is going to be crowded as hell! Yaaaay!


So crowded. Thank god Lillian has a membership, I nearly had a panic attack in the crowd but we are through already due to her forethought. Now, butterflies! I like them for some reason.


“Don’t move, mister, there’s something on your back!” Internal screams of terror, small squeak of despair as Lillian gets it to leave. I was almost kicked into panic by a butterfly. And children keep touching me and talking to me. Truly this is a place of terror. The bird house was nice.


This is just the loudest place ever. Kids are unstoppable sticky messes. Every bench is wet, so I’m standing by one to type this update – OH SHIT PEACOCKS.



They’ve escaped! They’re breeding! Life finds a way… Chaos… Theory…


We got these little bottles of water that are refillable, but they’re made of one of the kinds of plastic I have trouble touching and putting my mouth on. I will be opening it completely and pouring water at my face and hoping for the rest of the day.



A huge bug almost flew into my mouth. I shut it just in time. I realized after that my panic reaction of slamming my mouth shut would have caused me to bite the bug. God that was a close one.

Shortly thereafter I saw a really tall goat.


Then I had to endure the worst part of the day so far when I got crammed into a room the size of a toilet cubicle with 456 loud people. It’s okay though because when I got out of there, this guy was waiting for me.


Look at him, refusing to adhere to stereotypes by turning his back on that punching bag. Good for you, kangaroo. Good for you.

Oh also a bear.



We walked through this cool underwater tunnel with seals swimming all around us. I remember it from previous trips, but it was odd. This time I found it strangely disorienting and kept almost falling over. It might be because it was very crowded. I think I’m reaching the end I my ability to maintain my composure through crowds. That’s fine, because we’re almost done here. Only one obstacle remains, and it’s probably going to be the most crowded building in the place…



Penguin house! This is not a drill! EVERYONE loves penguins, this place is going to be PACKED. Oh god this will be a nightmare.



Oh. Huh. It’s uh… Pretty much empty. How odd. Who doesn’t want to look at these guys?




So that was actually quite pleasant.

Also Lillian wiped a bug off me and I flipped out for a second. I had no idea what she was doing and thought she was wiping something gross on me. Thankfully not. Time to head for the exit, I’ve had about all the immense public crowd I can take for one day.


We left through the single lamest, most anticlimactic exit in the history of exits.


Now we’re stuck in traffic on top of the structure, and we’re low on gas. Lillian assures me that we will not become trapped up here, but I’m not so sure. I’ll let you guys know if this car becomes my hot, unpleasant tomb.


We survived, and are getting gas! Hurray! This marks the end of my big zoo adventure, though I’ll probably update a little more, because there’s still the drive home to contend with. Once I do get home I’ll write a little wrap-up post, too.


Lillian insisted that we swing off to get some kind of custard, a word I can barely stand to type.

“Do you want to try it?”

“No. Please don’t kill us for custard.”


Had an amazing lunch at Fuddrucker’s (I know, it sounds dirty to me too) that ended with me spraying water on my crotch sitcom style.


We spun by some garage sales on the way home, and then saw a carnival, so now we’re eating elephant ears. This is just the best day.


Well, I’m finally home, and I have to say, that went pretty well. I had a really hard time dealing with all the people and the noise and the smells, but Lillian said that with a few notable exceptions, she couldn’t tell that I was having problems at all, which is great, because I’m constantly worried that I’m externalizing my inner terror and frightening children or whatever.

I also found the live blogging to be very pleasant, and a nice distraction when things got to be too much for me. I think I’ll be doing more blogs of this type in the future. Thank you all for reading and participating in this! I hope you enjoyed it.